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Order help for SVx self-locking panic locks

Order help for SVx self-locking panic locks

Please choose your lock requirement:

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• Fire and smoke doors
• BS EN 179/BS EN 1125

Panic functions:
• Opening of doors from the inside using door handle/bar
• Forced closure function (C)

• From outside with key
• From outside using door handle after electric release (integration in access control systems)
• Automatic reset of the release when the door fails to open
• Permanent access possible (permanent open/all bolts open, function also permissible on fire and smoke doors, as tumbler function is ensured in the event of fire)
• Automatic switching off of permanent open/permanent door release in the event of power failure
• Suitable for electronic cylinders

• Message “Door open/close”
• Message “Door locked/unlocked”
• Message “Handle actuation/panic function”
• Message “Cylinder contact”
• Tampering line
• Approved SafeRoute® components

Break-in protection:
• Insurance-compliant locking (2-point locking device)
• Mechanical self-locking

Mode of operation:
• Mechanical with electric monitoring
• Access control lock
• Handle-controlled lock

• Mechanical sequential control

You will find detailed information on the lock series here at


SVA 6xxx

Active door leaf

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Strike plate on SVI inactive door leaf lock case
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